turnkey supplement manufacturing

When searching for your supplement manufacturer, understanding your options is as important as understanding what kind of products you’re looking to produce. But what exactly is a “turnkey” supplement manufacturing service?

Well, along with the basics that every supplement manufacturing service offers, here are the additional services that you need to ask for, things that truly set a supplement manufacturer apart as a “turnkey” service:

  1. Experience: Your chosen supplement manufacturer has to have a long experience manufacturing. Should you run into any trouble, this will ensure you that the service you chose will know how to handle it efficiently and quickly, hassle-free.
  2. Facility: for the best turn-around time, the supplement manufacturer has to have in store raw materials and ingredients. This requires a state-of-the-art facility that can keep ingredients fresh and can guarantee you a prime time delivery for all your supplements.
  3. GMP certified manufacturer: A Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensures that pharmaceutical products are consistently produced and controlled according to the highest quality standards and with minimal risks. When you choose the private label supplements manufacturer for your needs, a GMP certification is a must.
  4. Product testing: the product that your buy from your manufacturer will be sold under your name. Your business and your reputation will depend on its quality. That is why it’s important that the service of your choosing does product testing after the manufacturing process, so that when your customer receives the final product, you are a hundred percent sure that it’s the best.
  5. Experienced and professional staff: experienced and talented scientists and technicians as well—are a must for any supplement manufacturer you choose. The professional staff has to be able to customize health and wellness supplements to meet your needs. Whether you need in-stock formulas, or want to customize your own, you’re a truly “turnkey” manufacturing service will give you the best choices.
  6. Packaging, labeling and distribution: You need to make sure that you not only receive the highest quality products, but that the manufacturing service offers you everything, from production and testing to packaging, labeling, and distribution in one place. This is what a true “turnkey” comprehensive high volume nutritional supplement manufacturer provides.

Your whole work and your reputation is at play, and that is why choosing the right manufacturer for high-volume nutritional supplements is vital for your business. 

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