Vitamin Manufacturers

Bactolac Pharmaceutical prides itself on being an industry leading vitamin manufacturing company with the highest quality service. Between our more than two decades of experience, vast inventory of on-hand raw materials, and comprehensive in house testing we provide our customers the quality, flexibility, and scale to meet the needs of any project. When looking for reputable vitamin producers, choose us.

All of our vitamin manufacturing products are produced in our 350,000 Sq. Foot, temperature controlled facility that’s been inspected by NSF International and the Natural Products Association, ensuring that they’re sourced, stored, and manufactured in a way that is compliant with the FDA’s cGMP guidelines. Knowing that your vitamin manufacturer carefully follows every best practice to the highest of standards is absolutely critical to giving your business the foundation it needs to scale and grow to its highest potential.

Quality Control

As an experienced contract vitamin manufacturer, we have extensive testing abilities within our facility. We can reduce your time to market while providing all the necessary analytic services when ingredients arrive, are stored, and placed into your final product. Experiencing delays in production due to testing is a frustrating process. When working with Bactolac as your vitamin manufacturer, we remove that frustration. Analytic services such as FTIR, HPLC, microbial and heavy metal testing can all be completed by our staff technicians. During testing we focus on the identity, purity, strength, and composition of your supplement line to ensure it meets label claims.

Formula Development

We have an exhaustive list of certifications that prove our worth as a multivitamins manufacturer. Our in-house R&D staff can develop unique formulas that utilize the latest advances in nutrition and biochemistry to ensure your products are effective, have optimal doses and represent the best possible combination between cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Bactolac Pharmaceutical’s massive inventory of raw material ingredients means we can easily accommodate the most comprehensive of formulas, either as standalone products or as an add-in to a larger mix. Our extensive supply chain allows us to locate vitamins and minerals of all forms, so there’s no dose or specific form we won’t be able to include, allowing your preferred formula to become your reality. Our massive selection of on-hand ingredients allows our customers to keep up with important market trends and deliver their products on time to market.

We can manufacture your vitamin supplements for sachets, stick packs, tablets, capsules and powders and use a bi-furcated manufacturing process that allows us to accommodate runs for every possible business need. No vitamin manufacturer has the capacity to meet the production demands of diverse business objectives like Bactolac Pharmaceutical.

If you are looking for a product that’s carefully tested at every step in the production process, the ability to have a remarkable formula with the best ingredients, and the ability to start or grow your business at any level, then choosing Bactolac Pharmaceutical makes sense as your vitamin manufacturer.

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