Pet Products


Safe, natural, organic products for man’s best friend.

Bactolac is your number one when it comes to producing quality supplements suited to a variety of needs. If you’re looking to get excellent pet supplements, you will find it here at Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc. Contact us for more about our products and services.

Why are pet supplements important?

Our pets, just like us, are not always able to get all the nourishment and vitamins that they need in the foods that they eat.

However, although most commercial foods may contain most of the vitamins and minerals needed, homemade diets for pets may lack nutritional value. For this reason, it is sometimes important to add extra supplements that can help your pet maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Pet vitamins help:

  • Improve overall health
  • Give them a healthy shiny coat
  • Provide them with the vitamins they need daily

At Bactolac we give you the liberty to develop or expand your business product line and profitability. We help in manufacturing small and large quantities of products whether for a range specialized for pets or whether you’re looking to produce sports supplements, nutrients, vitamins and herbal products.

Why us for producing pet supplements?

Our team at Bactolac takes the quality and manufacturing process that goes into producing pet supplements very seriously, just as we do our supplements for humans. We make sure to create a safe, natural and healthy product suited to your cat or dog’s needs.

If you need help with an existing formula, then our skilled team is here to help you take your formula idea and create a unique product tailored to perfection.

We can also help you create a unique formulation and product from the very start and carry it through to the end producing a well-rounded and finished product, ready for the market.

When it comes to our products, all of them are tested in a 350,000-sq. ft. the facility, that for your peace of mind is certified as cGMP and NSF (International and Natural Products Association) compliant.

By complying we make sure that all ingredients are sourced, identified and tested by our in-house team of certified staff.

We work closely with our clients in order to produce a great product for pets that meet all the initial requirements and that is compatible and safe to use.

We also understand the value of your personal and business time; this is why we pride ourselves on a fast turnaround for every project that we attempt whilst always careful not to compromise on our standards of quality.

While we’re also one of New York’s finest when it comes to pharmaceutical production and pet nutrition, our clients also enjoy excellent market competitive prices.

If you’re looking for pure products in pet supplements, produced with quality ingredients and handled properly throughout the manufacturing business, be sure to trust Bactolac. Contact our skilled team at Bactolac for more about our excellent service and products.

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