Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers for the Good of your Health


Implementing good nutrition into your lifestyle is very important and for this reason finding reputable nutritional supplement manufacturers can go a long way to ensure that you’re getting the best. Contact Bactolac Pharmaceutical for affordable, quality contract manufacturing for nutritional supplements that you can trust.

Nutritional supplements can be considered herbs, vitamins, minerals, meal supplements, natural foods and sports nutrition to name a few. At Bactolac we utilize your unique formula and perfect it in order to create the most suitable supplement for your market needs.

What we offer as your reliable nutritional supplement manufacturers

We are able to produce nutritional supplements in the form of powders, tablets, capsules, liquid hard gel capsules.

Our years of experience in dietary supplement contract manufacturing not only ensure that you get knowledgeable assistance but also a reputable nutrition supplement company that complies with the NSF International and GMP certified standards.

We are also compliant with the Natural Products Association to ensure that all our products comply and adhere to stringent processes such as sourcing and testing of ingredients.

Our facility housing our comprehensive range of materials and ingredients uses state of the art technology that are cGMP certified to produce products in high volumes.

We can assist you whether you’re an individual looking to create a unique nutritional supplement for your startup or whether you’re a large corporation seeking quality produced supplements.

Our team can also help you achieve a shorter lead time, lower your costs, and efficiently help your product to be able to market faster than other nutritional manufacturers.

Our team of qualified chemists ensure that every product is thoroughly tested within our modern testing laboratories. The tests can unfold the purity, composition, strength and identity of the supplements.

Our analytical and microbial labs are equipped with advanced equipment to formulate and test all our products that we manufacture.

You can rest your mind at ease with our services here at Bactolac Pharmaceutical as we provide you with the following:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Extensive storage
  • High-tech equipment and facilities
  • Strong inventory management
  • Superb customer service
  • Affordable prices
  • Superior quality
  • Trusted and certified guaranteed

In addition to all that we are able to offer you, our valued clients, we can also upon request manufacture Halal and Kosher products and supplements for you and your product line requirements.

Simply feel free to speak to one of our trained, knowledgeable and friendly personnel and let us help you to achieve your goals and your product manufacturing deadline.

We can assist you no matter how complicated or simple your plans may be for your nutritional products. Contact us today for a free quote and for more details about our affordable, reputable services as one of the leading dietary supplement manufacturers in NY.

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