About Our Greens & Berry Powders

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Raw and real ingredients. Nothing else. 

Bactolac Pharmaceutical has spent more than two decades establishing itself as the premier manufacturer of greens and berry powders.  Green and berries are a powerful Mega-Food, providing phytonutrients, probiotics, digestive enzymes, berries, antioxidants, and MSM for joint health and strong immune-boosting properties. Bactolac will provide the support – from formulation to finished product – to bring your product to market, with only the most natural, organic and raw ingredients available today. All of which are available onsite.


The choice of ingredients to include in a greens or reds powder is incredibly diverse.   We promise to source the best herbs, grasses, greens, fruit powders, enzymes and probiotics to add the most value to your formula, without any added stress to you.

Developing a greens or berry powder with a diverse formula and remarkable ingredients is no small task and we pride ourselves on being the best manufacturer to develop these products, regardless if you are an established brand or emerging startup.

Formulation and Product Development

To be competitive greens and berry powders must deliver exceptional wholefood nutrients with a flavor profile that delights their customers.  Bactolac Pharmaceutical has the capacity to develop greens and berry powders that are organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and with remarkable and unique flavor combinations that give your product true differentiation.

*All product development and testing is done in our 350,000 square foot facility that is certified for cGMP compliance by NSF International and the Natural Products Association, ensuring your product is developed with the utmost attention to detail and every ingredient is identified, sourced and tested by our highly trained staff of certified professionals on site.

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