Today, more pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical companies are relying on expert gelatin capsule manufacturers to keep up with the demand for supplements products. If you are comparing capsule manufacturing companies, quality and experience matter. These are traits for which Bactolac Pharmaceutical is known. At Bactolac, we work with clients to produce a variety of high-quality capsule supplements that meet their exacting specifications, and at a very competitive price. We can even assist you with developing your product line if necessary.

As a leading capsule supplements manufacturer, we create and test products in our 350,000-square-foot facility that is certified as compliant with cGMP and SNF (International and Natural Products Association) requirements. Our compliance assures you that all of the ingredients we use are identified, sourced and tested by our in-house, certified staff.

Offering a Full Range of Capsules Manufacturing Capabilities

Many consumers prefer capsules over tablets for the following reasons:

  • Capsules are tasteless and odorless.
  • Capsules are easier to take than tablets.
  • Capsules disintegrate and are absorbed more quickly than tablets.

As a leading powder- and liquid-filled capsules manufacturer, Bactolac offers you an extensive range of production capabilities. We also have a large number of high-quality raw materials from which you can choose, and we can assist you with every aspect of product development, from formula ingredients to packaging and labeling.

We produce different capsules depending on your specifications, including:

  • Colored capsules
  • Imprinted capsules
  • NP capsules
  • Veggie capsules

Not sure which type of capsule will work best? Our experienced expert capsule contract manufacturing team can help you choose and can help with:

  • Formula development: Whether you have a formula in mind that may need enhancing or require more assistance with developing your product, we’ll advise you on the latest industry developments to ensure the most promising, profitable product.
  • Product testing: It’s critically important that your product quality and integrity are maintained. Our research teams offer thorough, comprehensive testing to ensure label adherence.
  • Manufacturing: Our facility uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce your encapsulated products with the highest standards.
  • Packaging and label application: We are able to perform every step of the manufacturing process in-house, including the labeling and packaging of your product.

Whether you need help creating a unique formulation and assistance throughout the process or simply want to choose a capsule manufacturer that is known for quality and reliability, contact Bactolac today for more information about our capsule supplement manufacturing capabilities, or request a quote.