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No matter the kind and size of your business, there are some things that have to be understood before choosing a private label vitamin manufacturing company to be your partner. Because we know how competitive the wholesale supplement market is today, we want to help you decide on the best product and service by showing you what questions need to be asked, and giving you their answers.

1.What does GMP stand for and is your wholesale supplement manufacturer certified?

A Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensures that pharmaceutical products are consistently produced and controlled according to the highest quality standards and with minimal risks. When you choose the private label supplements manufacturer for your needs, a GMP certification is a must. Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc. has foreign site GMP registration with Health Canada. This serves to further solidify Bactolac as a premier, quality manufacturer in countries other than the USA. This distinguished recognition will now expedite the approval of your products for import and sale into Canada! And you can rest assured knowing that each supplement is manufactured in a top quality, GMP certified facility.

2. What does a GMP certification mean?

Given Bactolac’s recognition by Health Canada as a GMP compliant facility, products being imported into Canada that are manufactured by us do not require the rigorous Quality Assurance Report (QAR) to be completed. This approval process for other manufacturers is time consuming and does not guarantee acceptance for distribution or sale into Canada.

3. How long has the wholesale supplement manufacturer been in business and who prepares the formulas?

A manufacturer such as Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc. has been in business from 1995, starting in New York. Our experienced and talented scientists and technicians are the professionals who will customize health and wellness supplements to meet the needs of its customers. Whether you need in-stock formulas, or want to customize your own, our team will see you through every step of the way.

4. The facility of your supplement manufacturer and the technology used in the manufacturing process.

Bactolac has a state-of-the art 350,000 square foot onsite facility with many laboratories for both production and testing, using the latest industry technology. We house a micro-laboratory, a research & development lab, and 2 analytical laboratories to conduct comprehensive tests on all materials and final products to ensure safety, efficiency and strict label adherence. It is not only our business mission, but also our promise to only deliver the most exceptional services and end product to each of our customers

5. What can the wholesale supplement manufacturer provide for you? What about the turnaround time?

It is extremely beneficial to have all services under one roof, from production and testing, to packaging, labeling, and distribution. This is what a comprehensive, high volume nutritional supplement contract manufacturer like Bactolac will provide for you, and this is what enables us to guarantee the fastest turnaround time in the market.

6. What about storage and distribution?

Our state of the art facility enables us to store each product—be it raw materials or finished products—according to the highest industry standards. Your ideal manufacturer will also be able to package and distribute your products in a timely manner, while still ensuring the best possible quality.


The products you buy from your wholesale manufacturer will be sold to your customers under your name. That means your reputation will be on the line. You will need to provide your customers with the best products available on the market. Demand the best from the company that will manufacture your vitamin supplements, as your customers will from you. Make sure your manufacturer is GMP certified, can offer you the best turnaround time by producing your order, testing, packaging and distributing it and still ensure the highest quality possible. Nobody gets a second chance at a first impression!

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