Sports Supplement Manufacturing


Custom manufacturers of high-quality sports nutrition supplements.

Bactolac Pharmaceutical has the capacity, expertise, and attention to detail that allows a brand to develop sports nutrition products that are without comparison. Having pure, aptly formulated supplements are critical to an athlete’s athletic performance. One mistake of a banned ingredient can mean the end of a career, scholarship, or just livelihood. When you need to formulate your sports supplement – whether it’s a powder, tablet, capsule or pill, trust in Bactolac to adhere to standards and regulations  to the FDA’s cGMP guidelines as well as the standards set forth in its NSF Sport program.

Quality Control

Due to the rigorous rigorous testing by professional, college and even recreational sports associations, assurance that the supplements were made without any substances which are banned for use in their sport are an absolute MUST. For your sports nutrition product to excel you must trust it to a manufacturer that takes every precaution to ensure each ingredient is tested, handled, and delivered in a way that guarantees its purity.

Product Development

Our formulation team possesses a deep understanding of exercise physiology and industry trends that will allow your product to be unique and have the right ingredients for your product’s health focus. We offer manufacturing of sports supplements in the areas of:

  • Pre-workout
  • Post-workout
  • Protein powders
  • Amino acids
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification

*All product development and testing is done in our 350,000 square foot facility that is certified for cGMP compliance by NSF International and the Natural Products Association, ensuring your product is developed with the utmost attention to detail and every ingredient is identified, sourced and tested by our highly trained staff of certified professionals on site.