Pet Products


Safe, natural, organic products for man’s best friend.

Bactolac’s years of experience in the nutritional product manufacturing market shows in our all-natural pet supplements manufacturing. Pet product supplements are designed to provide pets such as cats and dogs with the proper ingredients they are not receiving from their regular diet, may reduce the risk of pet illness, and improve their overall health status. With pet supplements powered by Bactolac, you have a great business opportunity to expand your existing product line or develop an innovative range of organic pet supplements. This is an exciting product category that has the potential to improve your brand’s profitability and customer loyalty. It is an atypical niche that has the possibility to bring in a ton of business.

If your business is looking to take advantage of this growing market, rest assured that Bactolac takes the manufacturing of pet products just as seriously as manufacturing human products. We provide the utmost care to manufacture completely safe, healthy, and all-natural pet supplements to meet the needs of your pet supplement. We can help you with an existing formulation, or creating from ground zero, our  advanced manufacturing machines and expert technicians are ready to meet your requirements.

*All product development and testing is done in our 350,000 square foot facility that is certified for cGMP compliance by NSF International and the Natural Products Association, ensuring your product is developed with the utmost attention to detail and every ingredient is identified, sourced and tested by our highly trained staff of certified professionals on site.